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ground handling services TRAVEL agency. Licence Núm. 10.05Mm

“Over 15 years of experience focus on customer services”

We hold a Travel agency Organiser’s Licence issued by the Government Authority CIEX- 1005 Mm. We have been in travel industry for more than 15 years. Established in Extremadura since 2005, offering ground handling services to different worldwide agencies.

We are recognized leaders for efficiency and for providing a unique personalized professional advice on the area, harmonized by an in depth knowledge of our Product and experienced local experts, plus our commitment to quality to assure that all our partner are pleased with what we have produced for them.


The Spain tour was a hit! Everyone loved Godfried and loved the tour. I can’t thank you enough for making everything work so smoothly. Chris said that the larger bus was perfect and wants to use it for future tours. Thanks so much for making that change last minute.- Field Guide
Our group had a great time in Extremadura, and I think the choices worked much better at mealtimes.- Heatherlea
Thank you so much for your best support to our first group and again to our second group. We have received some feed back from the first group and they were satisfied with the program and the landscape of your wonderful region Extremadura.- NTC Travellers